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BRAND NAME : Charming Pop


BRAND IMAGE : Close your eyes and imagine being at an elegant lakeside party on lake Como in Northern Italy, the cool fresh mountain breeze on your face. Imagine sitting on a smooth white yacht, sipping sweet fruity Champagne and tasting strawberries with your closest family and friends, hugging your Charming Pop Italian leather tote bag which is protecting all that is most important to you.

BRAND LOGO : To be “Charming” is to have an inner beauty of mesmerising and unforgettable qualities. The word “Pop” symbolises a perpetual sense of happiness, joy and excitement. The party glass and bubble shaped logo invokes a sense of party and joy to all those that use it, reinforcing the Charming Pop philosophy of a simple and carefree life.

BRAND HISTORY : Charming Pop Italian leather handbags and accessories are boutique handmade products made with natural vegetable tanning techniques that do less harm to the environment than regular chrome tanned leathers. Each collection is made in Italy and S.E Asia under strict quality control using the highest quality of materials available.

BRAND DESIGNER : All items are created, designed and marketed by Matthew Chow, a 2nd generation leather products expert who has grown up smelling, breathing and living the production of leather goods. With a passion for making luxury leather products, Matthew is on a continuous search for the perfect range of leather handbags and accessories.

閉上雙眼想像身處北義大利科莫湖湖畔 , 迎面吹來新鮮徐徐微風, 坐在白色快艇並喝著水果甜味的香檳, 跟著家人好友吃著鮮美草莓 ,提著義大利真皮製作的『Charming Pop 雅名樂』托特包。

『Charming Pop 雅名樂』是以義大利進口真皮製成的精緻典雅包款,替優雅和極具品味的女性而設計,大膽的用上多種鮮豔顏色及最新皮料,創造出多款的質感時尚包款,不但引領潮流品牌的魅力,更把女性的嫵媚展示的淋漓盡致,深受女性的喜愛!經過與皮料廠的配合,我們能在第一時間取得第一手的皮料和顏色的新動向,用料緊跟手袋市場需求。設計生產的同時結合環保的概念,讓用漂亮包包和環保兩不誤,我們相信環保與時尚手袋會讓我們的生活環境變得更加優美!


雅名 ( Charming) 是種內在美散發出令人難忘及無法言喻的吸引力 , 樂(Pop)代表混合快樂、喜悅及興奮的感覺。而獨特的酒杯標誌含義:手持酒杯,就如同手袋需要一個主人把它握在手中一樣,同樣地兩者都讓人感受到高貴和優雅,休閒和享受的輕鬆心情。

以上這些都是時尚女性所追求的,也是Charming Pop所追求的。

澳大利亞藉設計師Matthew Chow是第二代皮具製品專家,從小耳濡目染皮件製作。憑著在這行業多年的經驗,製作高級奢華皮件產品的熱誠,設計師不斷的嘗試創造出完美的皮件袋包及配件。

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