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More than just a design for fashion. That’s right - Pleatation is a young emerging brand hailing from Singapore and helming it is Ms Chiang Xiaojun (XJ), intent on taking the world by storm through sharing her exploration of pleats in her designs. Since her first experience working the machines and personally hand-pleating her first apparel piece years before, XJ has seen how pleats can transform the simplest of pieces, raising the extraordinary from the common.

Pleatation is a brand concept that believes pleats are more than just a design
commonly used for fashion. We believe that everyone deserves a style that
transcends fashion, the home and everyday living. With 3-step process of
deconstruction, reconstruction and rebirth, XJ creates specially pleated pieces in our in-house production facility. Through her exploration, Pleatation elevates the world of Fashion, Stationery, Lifestyle products and Home & Living with an emphasis on versatility and class.

Although pleats are an often recurring trend, XJ seeks to expand its uses beyond apparels. We believe that the myriad of possibilities and versatility that pleats can offer can be translated through any single piece of item, not just for fashion. With pleats, the texture, look and feel of any one item is enhanced into something more. In fact, most people only know about knife pleats and perhaps box pleats. In reality, there's so much more to pleats, and when explored and applied on different avenues, it becomes a melding of both fashion and art itself.

Aimed at the discerning and adventurous, Pleatation is a smorgasbord of innovation and vibrancy. Coupled with a focus on elevating and enhancing modern fashion and living via the complementary effect of specially-designed pleats, Pleatation is the goto solution for melding a working professionals’ day and night attire, adding character to a personal workspace and the home. Welcome to the comPLEAT store.
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