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Révolte {rebellion} [French]

Embody a spirit of rebellion against ephemeral trends; stand tall in classic monochromatic shades. Structural and tailored, Ange Révolte speaks of a certain inner darkness, a radical urban consciousness, a razor-sharp awareness of what it means to be a modern woman in this chaotic world.

Ange Révolte is the brainchild of Singapore celebrity stylist Angela Lim, who is licensed & accredited by the International Association of Style Coaches (IASC) and the Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI). In 2013, she created “Ange Révolte” which explores contrasting aesthetics and opposing aspects of multi-faceted personalities, much like the different sides of a complex, enigmatic beauty. Having worked with women from all walks of life and with different body shapes, Angela considers aesthetics, style, comfort and fit when designing new looks for her collections. To create garments that can be redefined according to wearer while flattering the female figure is in her basic design objective. Her design philosophy is strongly influenced by her experience, styling characteristics and shapes including sober lines and monochromatic shades. She experiments with various contrasting materials, molding them in ways as to give emphasis to garment elements, re-inventing body shapes. In Révolte, you will expect intricate, exquisite details and craftsmanship; drapes, leather, body-conscious cut and luxurious fabrication. Révolte means rebellion and its collection empowers women to eradicate the casts of society. Ange Révolte is available in selected boutiques in Singapore, Hong Kong, United States and as well as several online stores.


新加坡品牌Ange Révolte 利用經典單色陰影,將人性反叛對抗無常的精神具體化,使用結構化及工匠技法,運用服裝來表現現今女性的內心灰暗、激進城市意識、尖銳知覺等情感。

新加坡名人造型師Angela Lim為品牌Ange Révolte的創作推手,於2013年成立品牌Ange Révolte; Angela Lim具有International Association of Style Coaches (IASC) and the Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI)等證書,工作上與各式類型女性合作,因此Angela Lim將Ange Révolte品牌定位於美感、時尚、舒適及合身的風格,讓複雜難解的美感及多重人格特質展現於服裝,讓服裝不再只是誇耀女性曲線的主體,近一步重新定義服裝穿著性。

Angela Lim設計哲學深受其造型經歷,利用單色陰影及樸實線條,實驗性融合多種不同素材及服裝元素,重新詮釋人體曲線,在品牌Ange Révolte中,可見複雜、精緻細節及工匠手法、皺摺、皮件、強調曲線的剪裁及高級奢華感布料,代表著不受拘束及去除社會既有枷鎖的現代女性,目前於新加坡、香港、美國等地有實體店鋪及數個網路平台上販售。
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