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FW 2016 collection
Fun we have in the shadows


哥德式的浪漫美感是我長久以來一直喜愛的設計風格,但我也一樣著迷於幾何切割與普普藝術的色塊風格。於是在這個 2016 秋冬系列,我嘗試將幾何色塊與幽默玩心加入傳統的歌德式輪廓,創造一種新鮮的風格。在這個現代的吸血鬼故事裡,傳統精緻的材質如蕾絲、雪紡、絲緞等,依然扮演重要的角色,但是鮮明撞色與幽默手法隱藏在細節裡。淺粉色與土耳其綠在黑暗凝重的氛圍中帶來一些俏皮與輕鬆;成對的亮色雞眼釦裝在被吸血鬼咬到的地方;從古老版畫書裡拓下的 BLOOD 字母與牙齒妖怪被做成套頭衫的印花,附贈領邊脖子上的兩個牙洞;仿黑色蕾絲的印花,其實是用傳統中國山水畫鏡射做成。


服裝的創作與各種類別的創作一樣,是作者自身想像的創造表達,是個人內心世界一次次渴望外 化的成果。每一次的穿衣打扮,就是一次進入幻想故事的表演。 如果小說家用文字、導演用影像,跨越出了現實世界,每一個服裝系列,則是Athena手裡的語言,述說一個個未來的、過去的、非現實的故事。這個世界所有荒誕美麗的幻想,是每一件服裝的靈魂;精細的材料和作工,是她們細緻精巧的肉身。她們優雅、聰明又捉摸不定,看似溫馴其實叛逆。她們一個個都是故事裡的不同角色,在每次風格迥異的故事裡,構築出屬於那個世界獨 立完整的氛圍。
如果你被其中的某個故事吸引,或著迷於精細的布料觸感與作工,我們邀請你一起來加入,一起 沉醉在我們盛大表演的幻境裡。

FW 2016 collection
Fun we have in the shadows

The idea of this collection comes from a brilliant movie: What we do in the shadows, a mockumentary horror comedy film about a group of vampires who live together in an ordinary apartment. The film is so incredibly hilarious and smart underneath all its seemingly vampire cliché, that after watching it I was overwhelmed by this idea of creating a collection that also combines the classic vampire elegance and mystique with an unexpected sense of humor and fun!

Gothic Romanticism has long been one of my favorite styles, and at the same time I am also very fond of a geometric and colorful Pop style. With FW2016 collection, I try to create an interesting image by combining the classical gothic aesthetics with a geometric and humorous modernity. Many delicate materials like different kinds of lace, chiffon, and satin still play an important role in this vampire story, but bold colors and humor embedded in details. Pale pink and turquoise bring a cute and light breath into the dark air; bright color grommets are places on where vampires had bitten; ancient woodcut letters “BLOOD” and tooth monsters are printed on sweatshirt with 2 holes at neck; false black lace print is created by ancient Chinese paintings.
This collection, as well as this brand, is created for women who are undoubtedly elegant and sophisticated, yet very playful and fantastic. I wish this collection could provide as much fun as its elegance to whom searching for fresh air in her refined style.

About the Brand
This brand is created by the love of fantasies and stories.
I always live with different stories and fantasies since I was a child, and always be fascinated by these illusions of the surreal world.
As the movies to the director, my collections are my ways to tell my stories and to let people see and feel the world I have in mind.
For me, each collection, like different movies or novels, has its own roles, atmosphere and scent.
With this idea, I always see every collection as a fresh start to explore new combination of materials, new color palette and new silhouette.
Yet as a brand, the elegance and unique femininity, will always be a concern in my collections, along with the fun of mixing contrast elements, such as Ancient & Modern, Classic & Pop, Soft & Hard..... The girls we gather are elegant, intellectual, and hard to define. They seem tamed, but rebel in fact. If you are drawn by some of these stories, or just simply love the fine touch of textures, please join us, and enjoy our performance in this illusive fantasy.
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