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Burn off layer by layer
Hiding in the woodland,
I grasp the drizzly and misty scents.
Feeling sunlight on my skin,
I bare my soul a little bit.
Silence is all I hear.
I gaze behind the mask of mine,
a symbiosis of devotion and unrest.
I want to be alone, yet not left behind.
Exposing my soul in the woods,
I feel fully unveiled.
All lies do not matter,
all forbidden fields disappear.
Darkness, blame and ruins I have to let go.
Honest serenity I desire.
In gleam and tears,
I seek for honest truth.
Between the clouded sheets,
a moment of blaze,
where all mysteries vanish.
I can hide to reveal and set myself free.


About the brand
Ceci, the romantic urban nomad who wanders the city.
Apparel and jewelry designer Cecilia Chang's namesake brand was founded in New York City 2014. The label is known for its loose-fitting and clean silhouette aesthetic.
Cecilia Chang epitomizes simplicity and assertiveness. The brand focuses on the women who navigate between streets and avenues, passion and reason. Adept at combining clean,decisive lines, balancing unevenly draped fabrics to create refined contours,and sculpting a playful cosmopolitan style.
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