[TIS] 2017/11/22
JE Haute Couture gowns make heads turn at Taipei IN Style

Taiwanese designers showcase their best gowns in Taipei this week

Y.C. Tsai poses with her partner beside her latest collection at Taipei IN Style

Y.C. Tsai poses with her partner beside her latest collection at Taipei IN Style (By Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- This year's Taipei IN Style featured famous brands showcasing their impressive products.

One such brand named JE Haute Couture showcased their famous wedding gown collections that surely made heads turn. 

In an interview with Taiwan News, the Design Director Y.C. Tsai said one of the most wanted gowns that was showcased in a mannequin stood out among others because it was one her designs she was most proud of. 

Tsai said the brand showcased their products in Hong Kong in a recent show and gained international attention among buyers from India and Indonesia. 

"When I first made the design for this particular dress, my coworkers thought I was crazy because the gown has layers of gold underneath a golden embroidery. They thought it was too much gold for a wedding party dress, but when i showcased my designs in Hong Kong, we garnered more attention than we had expected," said a smiling Tsai. 

In addition to maintaining the elements of low key luxury and uniquely understated quality, the brand also emphasizes complimenting a woman's curves. With stringent demands on the patterns, materials, arrangements and embroidery details implemented in all the designs, JE Haute Couture gowns are eloquent and classy to look at and undoubtedly bring out the confidence of the bride. 

The brand JE Haute Couture was first founded in 2012 as JE wedding. The brand expanded to La D'esse to produce high-end, custom-made gowns in 2015 and later re-branded itself as JE Haute Couture after merging with JE weddings and La D'esse in 2016.

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