[TIS] 2017/11/20
Knowing what’s next! WGSN editor forecasts fashion trends at TaipeiINStyle

‘Artful authenticity’ to dominate 2019 Spring/Summer fashion business

(Image courtesy of Taiwan Textile Federation)

(Image courtesy of Taiwan Textile Federation)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The world’s leader in fashion trend forecasts, WGSN, joined the 2017 TaipeiINStyle, the Taipei edition fashion week, during which its senior editor Anupreet Bhui delivered the 2019 Spring/Summer trend forecast.

In her forecast, "artful authenticity" will be a dominant concept in the fashion industry, and eclipse the low quality and high volume of fast fashion.

According to WGSN's trend bible for 2019, Bhui says designers will accentuate their love of timeless fashion and fine dressing for both women's and men's wear. The other key concepts to be found in that season include retro avant-garde, global style, nostalgia, techtile and the new formal.

The global style refers to the crossover between catwalk chic and street art, which has, says Bhui, changed the fashion landscape and left influence on the designer brands like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. The new formal means the blurring of the line between formal and informal wear.

Artful authenticity will be a main theme throughout the 2019 Spring/Summer collection. The timeless pieces improved with the elements of artistic expression are expected to return to catwalk, but with a craftsman twist and without compromising fashion along with comfort.

The highlights for men’s wear in Spring/Summer 2019 include "smart country" which advocates natural material and grownup looking, modern retro with a graffiti element, and surf casual, a beach-inspired summer look with lightweight fabrics.

The key items for the season include: slouchy double-breasted jackets, summer trench, lightweight parkas with technical material, overhead jackets with contrasting color pattern, sculptural shirts, blanket stripe shirts, boxy denim shirts, beach-inspired boardshorts, paperbag-waist shorts, and casual tank tops made from premium material.  

Sharing the same theme of artful authenticity, women's wear for the Spring/Summer 2019 will be modern, simplistic, classic, comfortable, and sustainable. One can expect to see a more feminine and contemporary look, and flora lace in women's collection.

The key items for the season include apron shirts, lace bracelets, gypset dresses (sheer fabric), lace party dresses, pintuck skirts, high-waist paper-bag trousers, and broderie shorts, as well as classical pieces like trench coats. 

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