Booth No Exhibitors Product category Tel. URL E-Mail
J110 Taiwan Garment Industry Association All Kinds of Garments 886-2-23919113 www.taiwan-garment.org.tw tgia@textiles.org.tw
J110-1 Tex-Ray Industrial Co., Ltd. AiQ smart clothing 886-2-25215155 www.texray.com nadia@texray.com
J110-2 Feng Shyang Industrial Co., Ltd. Women's & Mens casual sports wear 886-2-25992192 www.eurocomo.com.tw Louis.wu@eurocomo.com
J110-3 EASTERN Co., Ltd. Sports Wear 886-2-2449688 none potango@so-net.net.tw; potangoyang@yahoo.com.tw
J110-4 Happy Plastic Mfg.Co.,Ltd. Reflective vest, Reflective coat, Water resistant jacket, Reflective rain suit 886-2-29716162 www.tsw.com.tw jenhao@tsw.com.tw
J110-5 Li An Garment Enterprise Co., Ltd. Fashion Ladies' Wear, Sport / Casual Wear, Yoga Wear 886-2-22512689 www.lian-garment.com.tw Lian.yaw@msa.hinet.net
J110-6 Texma International Co., Ltd. Ladies Tops, Skirts, Pants, Dresses, Suits 886-2-26598666 www.texma.com.tw arthur@texma.com.tw
J110-7 Minkwood International Co., Ltd. Bridal Dresses, Party & Evening Dresses 886-2-27252850 minkwood@ms22.hinet.net
J110-8 DA.AI Technology Co., Ltd. Recycled polyester textile products from recycled PET bottles; items include: clothing, accessories, bags, beddings, and everyday life products, etc. 886-2-26575245 www.daait.com daait@daait.com
J118 Yoo Design Enterprise Co. Ltd. Backpacks, Handbags, T-shirts 886-4-23869036 www.yoo.com.tw/ j293@ms24.hinet.net 
J122 Khieng Atelier Co., Ltd. Fashion accessories, Giftware, Lifestyle items 886-2-87705828
www.khieng.com karen@khieng.com.tw
J124 Wang Shine Industrial Co., Ltd. Suitcase, Luggage, Soft bag 886-4-26713908 www.wspatriot.com.tw L1112567@ms55.hinet.net
J128 WE GO TRADING Co., Ltd. Silk Quilt 886-2-23414293 www.wegohome.com.tw wegohome.tw@gmail.com
J128 Lihming Bedding Co., Ltd. Functional pillow and quilts 886-2-82921191 www.zzzbedding.com.tw  zzz@zzzbedding.com.tw
J128 Rui-Cheng  Bedding  stores Handmade Quilt& Nano Far Infrared Quilt 886-2-28822846 none yun84103@gmail.com
J128 Yang Tsu Co., Ltd Jacquard weave, Silk, Cotton 886-2-25580323 none yang.tsu@msa.hinet.net
J128 none Bedding 886-2-25032313 www.台灣寢具產業團結聯盟.tw/ aa25032313@yahoo.com.tw
J128 Jie Li Proprietorship Cleaning power of top-splitting yarn products 886-2-24593111 none jl24593111@yahoo.com.tw
J128 Grand Fortune Bedding Co.,Ltd. Bedspread, Comforter , Pillow, Fitted Sheet  886-2-26841275 cupidbedtw2000@yahoo.com.tw
J128 Yuan Rong Bedding Co., Ltd. Bedding 886-4-22556256 www.e-bedding.com.tw/ bed@e-bedding.com.tw
J128 none Bedding 886-2-25860958 twaloha@gmail.com
J128 Kingjames International Ltd. Bedding 886-4-23310155 ken@kingjames.com.tw
J203a Taiwan Textile Federation - Fashion Express Magazine, Fashion Trends and News, Advertising


www.fashionexpress.org.tw pei@textiles.org.tw
J204a Taiwan Textile Federation - Taiwan Textile Monthly Taiwan Textile Monthly, Taiwan Textile Webs, Statistics on Taiwan Textile and Apparel Industries, and etc. 886-2-23417251
monthly.textiles.org.tw shu_hua@textiles.org.tw
J218 Lomi Garden Creation Company Bags, Accessories 886-2-87851699 www.olivia-fifi.com info@olivia-fifi.com 
J218a Brand&Less Trading Company Backpacks, Luggage, Briefcase, Computer Bag 886-37-865131 www.delly.com.tw ben@delly.com.tw
J222 Sane Home Trading Co., Ltd. Backpacks, Handbags, Luggage、I PAD2 cover 886-2-27715408
none una@mail.lighthousebags.com
J224a Coplay Creative Co., Ltd. Handbag, T-Shirt 886-2-26008191
www.coplay.com.tw service@coplay.com.tw
J308 mail?cmd=cookie,mail?cmd=cookie
Funshow Industrial Co., Ltd
Shaper Men, Men's Slimming suit, Underwear for men, Men's Briefs 886-2-23066505 www.shaperman.com sales@shaperman.com
J308a McFashion International Ltd. Magic Pad, MICCH Brassiere, Invisible Brassiere / Cover, Fancy Strap 886-070-10289999 www.micch.com micch.bra@gmail.com
J308a CARESSE International Ltd. Corset, Shapewear 886-6-2934349 www.caresse.com.tw service@caresse.com.tw
J310 HUANG CHI Brassiere, Briefs 886-6-2392557 www.prtc.com.tw prtc999@yahoo.com.tw
J310a MIT Underwear Innovation Alliance Underwear 886-6-3386873 www.mitunderwear.org.tw mit.mit175@msa.hinet.net
J312 Evelid International Corp. Cooling fiber,Film products, Master batch 886-2-26956249 none evelid.corp@msa.hinet.net
J314 Fu Yuan underwear Co., Ltd Brassiere, Briefs 886-4-26361926 none fuyuancom@hotmail.com
J316 Zhangyi Science and Technology Company Limited Cooling Slurry, Cooling Powder, Cooling Staple Frider, Cooling Yarn 886-4-24525356 www.wincool.com.tw wincool.zhanyi@gmail.com
J316a Yumoza Co., Ltd Casual Wear, Knitwear, T-shirts, Private Label, Underwear for men 886-2-22645268 www.cottonwalker.com elias.yumoza@msa.hinet.net
J318 Taiwan Hosiery Manufacturers' Association Socks, Panty Hose, Body - Stocking, Tights, Footless Tights, Fuctional & Medical Healthy Socks, Gloves, Protectors. 886-2-23913709 www.hosiery.org.tw taiwansox@textiles.org.tw
J318-1 Jong Her Hosiery Co., Ltd. Men's & Ladies' Socks 886-4-8731063 www.jongher.com jongher.socks@msa.hinet.net
J318-10 Springdex Enterprise Co., Ltd. Socks, Briefs, Underwear, Support Knee/Ankle 886-4-8720522 www.esock.com.tw giga.y8508@msa.hinet.net; loho.sox@gmail.com
J318-2 EnamoR International Co., Ltd Body stockings, Baby dolls, Bikinis, Corsets, Pantyhose 886-2-26108328
www.enamor.com.tw sunny@enamor.com.twsexyenamor@gmail.com
J318-3 Kao Feng Knitting Co., Ltd. Seamless women's panties, Men's brief, Corsets, Seamless sportswear, Sports socks 886-4-8735886 www.kao-feng.com.tw kao.feng@msa.hinet.net
J318-4 I Chun Knitting Co., Ltd. Socks, Support Knee/Ankle 886-2-29819808 www.socks-king.com jackie7.huang@msa.hinet.net
J318-5 San Ho Fang Hosiery Co., Ltd Socks 886-4-8731107 www.elfsox.com.tw elf.socks@msa.hinet.net ; elfsoxs@gmail.com
J318-6 Best Enterprise Co., Ltd.  Socks 886-4-8720777 www.best-988.com victory.sjm@msa.hinet.net
J318-7 Chin Fu Long. Industrial Co., Ltd Socks 886-4-8732158
www.fck.com.tw heartbest@hotmail.com
J318-8 Min Chuan Knitting Co., Ltd. Socks for men, women, children, babies, Anti-bacteria socks, Functional socks, Sports socks. 886-4-8737385 www.socks123.eng.bysources.com min.chuan99@msa.hinet.net
J318-9 Soxlink Co., Ltd. Socks, Gloves, Hats&Caps, Scarves 886-4-8749909
www.soxlink.com.tw yun.sheng@seed.net.tw
J403 Sen Sen Home Shopping Co., Ltd. Clothes & Accessories, underwear, jewellery luxury goods, maintenance, perfume, health care products, 3C, digital communication, travel 886-2-55888888
www.u-mall.com.tw vincent.hung@sensengo.com.tw
J404 Chien Juy Lin Co., Ltd. Mannequins, Displays, Window Design 886-3-4923920 www.chienjuylin.com chienjuylin@yahoo.com.tw
J408 Foundation for Women's Rights Promotion and Development Fashion Jewelry, Handbags, T-shirts, Others 886-2-23212100#122 www.facebook.com/tiwstyle tiws@wrp.org.tw
J416 IRIS ZIPPER Co, Ltd Zipper, Zipper Bags 886-2-22761501 www.what-z.com service@mail.ts-zipper.com.tw
J418a Taiwan Textile Federation-Taiwan Functional Textile Taiwan Functional Textiles Certification 886-2-23417251
tft.ttfapproved.org.tw/ emily-yeh@textiles.org.tw
J424a Goomi Kids Collection Children Wear, Infants Wear, T-shirts 886-2-25211680
www.goomikids.com info@goomikids.com
J426a Tung Tung Enterprise Co., Ltd. Lingerie, Casual Socks, Dress socks, Toe Socks, Fishnet stockings, Body stocking, Leggings & Tights 886-4-8736639
www.tung-tung.com.tw ; www.toyloce.com; www.soxwear.com.tw bbsid445@ms16.hinet.net ; mandy@soxwear.com.tw
J428a NU Inc. Casual Wear, Body wear, Sleeve, Waist, Wrist, Briefs, Sunglasses 886-2-26591768
www.nu-global.com ben.lin@nu-global.com
J503 Ronyen Enterprise Co.,Ltd. Gloves, Hats &Caps, Scarves,Ties, etc. 886-2-27733055 www.peterpanart.com.tw peterpanart@yahoo.com.tw
J503 Hat Association Taiwan Hats, Scarves, Gloves  886-2-25564767;
www.hat.org.tw jchief@msn.com
J503a AIM INTENSIVE TEXTILES IND.,CO., / GRACE CHIEF ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD Fashion accesoris:gloves,socks,scarfs,hat, etc. 886-4-8228281-2;
none kant@aimtextiles.com; julian@aimtextiles.com
J504a Hong Kong Trade Development Council Taiwan Office World Boutique Hong Kong, Hong Kong Fashion Week 886-2-87884545 www.hktdc.com tammy.tien@hktdc.org
J521 AROUND STAR International Co.,Ltd. computerized flat knitting machine(collar machine),semi-jacquard two-way transfer machine(sweater&collar machine),rib/collar producing 886-2-26371899 www.aroundstar.com baibai0711@aroundstar.com
J603 WELL MART MERIT Co.,Ltd. Golf Glove, Bike Glove, Motorbike Glove, Batting Glove, Fitness Glove, Ski/Snowborad Glove, Horse Riding Glove, Jogging Glove 886-7-8413443 www.wellfityourlife.com.tw charles@wellmart.com.tw
J604a Taiwan Indigenous Survival & Development Association Ladies' Wear, Men's Wear 886-2-23514710 none tisdatw@yahoo.com.tw
J617 Bioknit Corp. Ltd. Socks for outdoor, Tight for Fashion 886-3-3778502 www.soxpert.com.tw horlic.jour@msa.hinet.net
J618 PETRICK ENTERPRISE Co.,  Ltd. Pexpile, Pet Accessories 886-4-7331631 www.lapetrick.com petrick@petrick.com.tw; vivi@petrick.com.tw
J618a CYTRAD Co., Ltd. Tajima Brand Embroidery Machine 886-2-22320739 www.tajima.com.tw w35589@ms63.hinet.net
J619 FCT Leather Co., Ltd. Cow leather belts, Wallets 886-5-5849676 ginota.shop.rakuten.tw/ tzu.tung@msa.hinet.net
J621 DESIGN atelier Accessories 886-2-23417251#2533 www.ttfaccessory.org.tw/ meim@textiles.org.tw
J622 ABO Biotech, Corp. Towels, Handkerchief 886-2-22465026 www.glcdiy.com.tw glcdiy@glcdiy.com.tw
J624 Blitz Corp. Weekee-eco-friendly Clothing, Weekee-Health Clothing 886-2-27584358
www.ecotw.com jennykc@blitz.com.tw;
J625 JB's International Co., Ltd. Fashion Accessory, Jewelry, Key chain, Phone straps accessory, Charms, Premium and gifts 886-2-27475779 none jbs.jasmine@gmail.com
J626 Beyonka Women Fashion Clothes 886-2-22900789
www.motong.com service@mail.motong.com
J627 Nusharp Inc. Tailor Shears, Electrician's Shears, KEVLAR Cutter, Garden Shears 886-4-23551133 www.scissorsking.com.tw king@nusharp.com.tw
J714 Pamper Heiress Designer Labels ladies wear, Cocktail dresses, Fashion jewelry, Pajamas, Infants wear 886-2-25673883 www.pamperheiress.com luckycharmv@hotmail.com
J716 ChenhWang Apparel Co., Ltd. Casual Wear, Down coats 886-2-82838107 www.chenhwang.com kevin.g2003@msa.hinet.net
J716a O'CHEAN INT'L CO.,LTD. (YEN-LINE ) Ladies'wear fashion accessories.etc, Designer Labels 886-2-25217522#9 www.yenline.com yenlin.hsu@msa.hinet.net
J818 LaFinia-Jung Mau Enterprise Co., Ltd. Crystal Earring, Necklace, Brooch 886-2-26277415 www.jungmau.ttnet.net jungmau@ms27.hinet.net
J822 HOI INTL.Ltd. Men's & Women's baselayer, Underwear & Soft outerwear 886-2-89113737 none gini@suninwear.com.tw
J824 Norah Hsu Blouses / Shirts, Ladies' Wear, Designer Labels. Belts, Others 886-911671960 none norah-1122@yahoo.com.tw
J826 Pineapple Jam Apparel ,Knitwear,Accessories 886-927622032 none toughy0202@yahoo.com.tw
J826a ME Co., Ltd. Designer T-shirts, Ready-to-wear, Bags 886-2-29908122
www.sothatsme.com service@sothatsme.com
J828 Silk Huang Designer Labels, Private Label, Association, Exhibition Services, Fashion Forecast 886-7-2388177 silkhuang.tumblr.com/ silky.huang@gmail.com; mode.tissus@gmail.com
J830a GOJI LIN Co.,Ltd / GOJI LIN Evening Dress 886-2-27090858 tw.myblog.yahoo.com/goji27090858 goji.lin@msa.hinet.net
J832 Tsai Yun Tse Designer Labels 886-2-23219419
www.yid3.com bd@yid3.com
J832a Tseng Chin Duan  Designer Labels 886-2-23219419
www.yid3.com bd@yid3.com
J915 Ale & Shing -I Company Dresses, Cocktail Dresses 886-2-87737000 alexkcwork@gmail.com
J917 Unique Artistic Fashions Leather Clothes, Handbag, Scarves, Hats Shawls, Vests 886-4-24836890 www.whatisyourbag.mymailer.com.tw chingmei2@gmail.com
J919 Andre K. Ladies' Wear, T-shirts, Vests 886-2-23367599#25 none dearandre15@yahoo.com.tw
J920 Chia - Wei Kang(Pitotpaak) Ladies' Wear, Designer Labels, Private Label 886-926840366 www.pitotpaak.com/ pitotpaak@gmail.com
J921 Lu Xue Zheng Ladies' Wear, Men's Wear 886-2-23365099;
www.luxuezheng.com xzheng.lu@gmail.com
J922 One Sun All Fun Corp. Laptop Bags, Camera Bags, Tablet Bags 886-2-27785076 www.pursuit-fwd.com arthur.lee@onesuncorp.com
J923 Shih Yu lin Set Dress 886-963368353 none aa2541332@yahoo.com.tw
J924 Innocreation Co., Ltd. Fashion Functional Bag(Handbag) 886-930633798 none tkai99@gmail.com
J925 Envol Avec Ning Fashion Studio Garments & Designer Labels 886-936876901 www.envolavecning.com/ eavecning@gmail.com
J927 TAN&LUCIANA FASHION Co.,Ltd. Tops, Bottoms, Jacket, Coats, Dress, Accessories 886-2-82278868 www.tanluciana.com tanluciana.co@gmail.com; tan.luciana@msa.hinet.net
J928 Fan Women's Ready-to-Wear 886-2-27060671 www.fan-by-fan.com jinruei@fan-by-fan.com
J931 Pei Cheng Textile Co., Ltd. Fashion Women'swear 886-2-25928583
www.bobojang.com.tw maxi.robert@msa.hinet.net
none Taiwan Textile Federation - Taiwan Eco Textiles Magazine Taiwan Eco Textiles Magazine 886-2-23417251
eco.textiles.org.tw winnie_wu@textiles.org.tw
none GIOIA PAN Ladies' Wear, Men's Wear, Designer Labels, Private Label, Evening Dresses 886-2-25520656 none sales@gioiapan.com
none Sophie Hong Fashion Co., Ltd. Designer Labels, Private Label 886-2-23516469 www.sophiehong.com fashion@sophiehong.com; sophie.h@llp.com.tw
none Shao Yen Design Concepts, Inc Ladies' Wear, Accessories, Knitwear 886-928269179 www.shao-yen.com info@shao-yen.com
none Dumuco Co., Ltd. / Pundailee Designer brand ladies wear 886-2-25860289 none dumuco@yahoo.com.tw
none Cacao Interlligence Cacao Mag 886-932215666 www.facebook.com/cacao.intelligence sin@cacaomag.com


Booth No Exhibitors Product category Tel. URL E-Mail
J624a Gifu Women's & Children's wear manufactures Association Ladies' Wear 81-58-2646688 oribesque.com/union/ gwca@lilac.ocn.ne.jp
J626a Toray Advanced Computer Solution INC. Fashion Related Products & Services, CAD/CAM 81-6-62535900 www.toray-acs.jp info-intl@toray-acs.jp
J717 OZAKI PLEATS Co.,Ltd. PLEATS 81-92-7139125 www.ozaki-pleat.com/ info@ozaki-pleat.com
J719 Miwa Co.,Ltd. Original knit Wear 81-92-7513390 www.nittoya.com godjob@nittoya.com
J721 Yamato Dress ladies' wear 81-92-6316366 www.latg.co.jp info@latg.co.jp
J723 L.A.TRADING Co.,Ltd. Ladies' wear、Accessories 81-92-7163971 www.yamato-dress.co.jp yokota@yamato-dress.co.jp
J725 Sunroman Co.,Ltd. Ladies' wear、Accessories 81-92-6233600 www.sunroman.net s_souzen@sunroman.co.jp
J727 Fukuoka Prefecture none 81-92-6433430 www.pref.fukouka.jp kanko@pref.fukouka.lg.jp
J820 Design 3 1, LLC Fashion Accessories, Handbags, Backpacks 81-3-53942300
www.pure-design.jp info@pure-design.jp
J820a roomservice fashion guidebook none 81-3-57741420 www.roomservice-japan.org roomservice@hpgrp.com

Hong Kong

Booth No Exhibitors Product category Tel. URL E-Mail
J525 Riseway Enterprise Limited Handbag, Wallet 852-39023600 none marketing@riseway.hk
J718a Sunrise Development Industrial Ltd. Necklace, Bracelet, Hair band, Earrings 852-23900012 www.gram.com.hk jessie@gram.com.hk
J720a  A Prototype Company Garments & Knitwear 852-28505709 www.faitamain.com/ info@a-prototype.com
J722a  SPY HENRY LAU Casual wear, Bridal Dresses, Evening Dresses, Designer Labels, Swimwear 852-23176928 www.spyhenrylau.com pr@spyhenrylau.com
J724a n:ter Fashion Company Designer Labels, Private Labels, Ladies' & Men's Wear, Children Wear 852-81033919 www.n-terfashion.com; www.pointdesign.hk info@n-terfashion.com;
J726a CHOW TAN TAN Ladies' Wear, Designer Labels 852-92681379 none chowtantan@hotmail.com
J728a IDEE CREATIONS  Underwear, Nightwear 852-27908270 www.mondovilingerie.com info@mondovilingerie.com
J730a Moresque Fashion Wholesale Co. Designer Labels, Ladies & Men's Wear 852-27480492 www.modeledeprudence.com.hk modeledeprudence@hotmail.com


Booth No Exhibitors Product category Tel. URL E-Mail
J304a China Textile Commerce Association Textile Association 86-10-68519866 www.cttu.org 58244651@qq.com
J508a mail?cmd=cookie,mail?cmd=cookieHangzhou Spring Swallow Import Export Co.,Ltd. T-Shirts, Pajamas, Scarves, Silk 86-15988817788 none hbfffff@163.com; qian8772@126.com
J510a Hangzhou Yousilk Garment Ltd. Sleepwear, Pajamas, Evening Dresses, Children Wear 86-0571-25055036;
www.yousilk.com gxx@yousilk.com
J512a Hangzhou Walsun Industry Co., Ltd. Raw Silk, Thrown Silk Yarn, Silk Quilt, Silk Blanket 86-0571-81101637 ;
none Vickyjie@163.com
J609 Chunan Huajin Silk Co., Ltd. Gloves, Pajamas, Silk 86-0571-65023366;
none hlyang50@sina.com
J611 Helen Garment Co., Ltd Zhejiang Ladies' Wear, Designer Labels, Private Label 86-0571-85673580;
J613 Hangzhou Textile Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Ladies' Wear, Designer Labels, Private Label 86-0571-85673580;
www.chnwisdom.com/no5 no5no5@vip.163.com
J615 Hangzhou Rosy Clouds Co.,Ltd. Scarves, Silk, Blouses / Shirts, Pajamas 86-0571-85100172;
none rosyclouds-silk@126.com
J617 Zhejiang View Industrial Co., Ltd. Ladies' Wear, Cocktail Dresses, Fashion Jewelry, Handbags 86-0571-85801278;
www.view-industrial.com lovecocoon@163.com
none   none 86-0571-89872018 none hp86523388@hotmail.com


Booth No Exhibitors Product category Tel. URL E-Mail
J830 UNMANNER LIMITED Ladies' Wear 44-20-71931788 www.unmanner.co.uk info@unmanner.co.uk


Booth No Exhibitors Product category Tel. URL E-Mail
none DFU Publications ( Inside Fashion) Publications, Web-Portal +919322874471 www.FashionatingIndia.com sychdfu@gmail.com


Booth No Exhibitors Product category Tel. URL E-Mail
J304 ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY Knitwear, Ladies'wear, Menswear, Fashion Jewelry, Fashion Accessories, Education 886-2-27211661 www.academyart.edu;
Booth No Exhibitors Product category Tel. E-Mail
J104 Drink In Taipei Design Studio Co., Ltd.  Overseas Brand Promotion Zone chenyi_chun@hotmail.com
J104 Healthin International Co., Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone info@healthin.com.tw
J104 Y'S Fashion Co., Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone   suzy@morefashion.com.tw
J104  HUI Overseas Brand Promotion Zone huiping78@gmail.com
J104 Heads Up International Corporation Overseas Brand Promotion Zone shelly@headsup.com.tw
J104 Fala Fashion Inc Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-935028141 fala@playwithfala.com
J104 DanKen Enterprise Co., Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-2-28883070 jason@danken.com.tw
J104  Kai Yuan International Corporation Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-2-29763248 a29763248@gmail.com
J104 Derming Sewing & Knitting Dress Co., Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-2-28126162 derming.ms41@gmail.com
J104 Lacomonia Co., Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-2-27351393 jamesh5529@so-net.net.tw
J104 Sabeido Fashion Business Co., Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-2-25955988 sabeido.sabeido@msa.hinet.net
J104 Chen Yi Co. Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone  886-4-25121223 veraliu5213@hotmail.com
J104 Chang Feng Industry Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-2-85110060 itoerh@gmail.com
J104  Fuson Fashion Design Co., Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone  886-6-2500089 fuson@fuson.com.tw
J104 Kai Wou Company Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-2-89904715 moonsilk168@yahoo.com.tw
J104 Murena Lingerie Co., Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-6-2557511 murena@ms2.hinet.net
J104 SAIN SOU Co.,Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-2-26515262 sten.lin@msa.hinet.net
J104 Whei Shin Garment Corp. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-2-29719888 appleswimwear@mail2000.com.tw
J104 Fiery Sun International Company Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-2-27186186 Chiawen1009@hotmail.com
J104 STAYREAL Corp. Co., Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-2-87120101 i.an@istayreal.com
J104 San Chiang Knitwear MFG. Co., Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-2-26602089 lelales@ms9.hinet.net
J104 Noblesse-Fashion Collection Co., Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-2-85228222 contact@noblesse-fashion.com
J104 Footloose Co. Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-4-22811818 a042121701@yahoo.com.tw
J104 Ni Keh Underswear Limited Company Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-4-8316679 nicoli.com@msa.hinet.net
J104 Banana Fashion Group Overseas Brand Promotion Zone  886-2-28743755 banana.fg@gmail.com
J104 Freeman Industrial Corp.,Ltd Overseas Brand Promotion Zone  886-2-22186550 jo99499jo@gmail.com
J104 Jasper Design Co. Ltd Overseas Brand Promotion Zone  886-2-27755141 shao@jasperhuang.com.tw
J104 Shirley Yang  Overseas Brand Promotion Zone  886-2-28377593 carol@coatplay.com
J104 Yajane Design Co., Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone  886-2-27612178 aries@yajane.com.tw
J104 Eve Lin Studio Overseas Brand Promotion Zone  886-4-24710696 thisisevelin@gmail.com
J104 Chun Te Enterprises Co., Ltd. Overseas Brand Promotion Zone 886-2-27193290 liu@chunte.com.tw
J604 Chi-Chen Wang / Department of Fashion and Design Division, Nanya Institute of Technology 台北尬秀區    
J604 Jelly Fashion International / Jenny Lin  台北尬秀區    
J604 Flossygrass / Lamocha Chiang 台北尬秀區    
J604 I'M AWARE   fun&vintage clothing /  Patty Wu 台北尬秀區    
J604  Cheng Wei Jen 台北尬秀區    
J604  Chelsea Jaian 台北尬秀區    
J604 Zach 台北尬秀區    
J604 Yi–Chih Sun / Department of Fashion Design and Merchandising 台北尬秀區    
J604  Tso-Yu Chang / Department of Fashion Design and Merchandising 台北尬秀區    
J604 Jia-Ling Lin / Department of Fashion Design and Merchandising 台北尬秀區    
J604 Toby Huang / Department of Fashion Design and Merchandising 台北尬秀區    
J604 Yan-Ting Liu /Department of Fashion Design and Merchandising 台北尬秀區