[TIS] 2017/11/20
Taipei's fashion week concludes with Asia Fashion Collection

Hong Kong, Korean, and Taiwanese designers were showcased in finale of Taipei IN Style

Taiwanese label, Ceci, at the 2017 Taipei IN Style Trade Show.

Taiwanese label, Ceci, at the 2017 Taipei IN Style Trade Show. (By Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taipei's fashion weekend finished Sunday afternoon with the Asia Fashion Collection runway, featuring three designers, CECI, J.Chung, and Kevin Ho. 

The Asia Fashion Collection is an incubation style project to promote designers in Asia as well as the fashion industry in Asia. Three participants were showcased at the Taipei IN Style show this year. 


The garments of CECI, by Zhang Shou-yu, embody simplicity and ease.

CECI, a soft state of a mindful inner self.

This collection was done predominately in black, white, and jean. The pieces were long, lush, and layered, billowing around the model as they moved. Ruffled slippers accompanied each look, adding a comfortable cohesion to the looks.  

J. Chung 

Designer Jaesun Chung is from South Korea. Chung says he designs clothing as tools for women to express their elegance.

This collection was done with an autumnal color palette. Long sweaters of mustard and trenches in grey were eye-catching yet wearable. A dress of marbled green and white splashed out of the collection, as did a sister dress in black with two red stripes around the bottom.

Kevin Ho

Hong-Kong designer Kevin Ho's creations stem from a love of contrast and result in powerful pieces. His 2018 collection, Vehement, was inspired by brushstrokes and tattoo techniques, adding unique flashes of modernity.

Several of Kevin Ho's looks updated the jean and blouse look with structured tops and blocked color. 

Strong patterns were re-imagined in dresses and skirts. The classic menswear jacket was made elongated and sleek. A burgundy overcoat was cinched in unexpected places. 

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