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One of the most British renowned fashion and art designers, Ms Mei-Hui Liu, invited by British Council to participate 2015 Taipei In Style, a highly acclaimed fashion event in Taiwan. As the curator of the event, Mei-Hui leads a group of Britain most sought after designers, with their distinguish selections to arise Great Britain contemporary hand-made designs. We will see series of dresses, accessories and bespoke handmade shoes and bring-British artisan handmade designs. We will be thrilled to see Mei-Hui’s 12-year Victim Fashion Street most classic signature-designs and launching of freshly formed Mei-Hui Liu – Ready To Wear Collections in Taipei.

In a career spanning nineteen years, Mei-Hui Liu established label Victim Fashion Street – a must-see collection presented during London Fashion Week and one of the brands featured at the British Fashion Council's biannual Estethica exhibition at LFW. She began her ethical fashion brand in London using reconstructed antique and vintage materials, rare recycled textiles and precious embellishments in 1998 after spending four years around Europe.

Once her designs conquered fashionable outdoor markets like Portobello and Spitalfields, Mei-Hui moved into formal retail for several years as the proprietor of two monobrand shops for her label in the city's famous Brick Lane (East End) and Carnaby Street (West End) shopping districts. While growing her made-to-measure business, she expanded into ready-to-wear. Presenting her work at Paris Fashion Week, her collection garnered the attention of some of the world's finest high-end concept stores creating a global wholesale network for her brand across cities as diverse as Tokyo, Berlin, New York, Kuwait City and Hong Kong.

Mei-Hui has been invited by prestigious British art institutions such as the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Tate Britain and the Barbican Art Gallery to present her work either as exhibitions or fashion shows. Her designs have also been shown internationally in Russia, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand . Spain China and Taiwan and still many other corners of the planet.

While continuing several projects in the ethical and sustainable fashion movement, Mei-Hui has entered a new entrepreneurial era. As the curator and organiser of pop-up fashion shops and culture Events bringing up-and-coming international designer brands to Taiwan and China, Mei-Hui's East to East concept has been reinvented into a multibrand event concept at major retailers and department stores in Xintiandi in Shanghai and Taipei 101 . These multi-media events mark the continuation of Mei-Hui's many earlier projects mixing fashion, art, music and a vibrant spirit of creative collaboration through unscripted entertainment.

英國知名的生活時尚設計師,劉美惠,受英國文化協會邀請,參加台灣每年最受矚目的時尚活動,2015年Taipei IN Style 台北魅力展。除了擔任策展人,劉美惠協同一群英國獨特創意的設計師,與他們傑出的設計系列,讓時下最受英國與歐洲歡迎的手工時尚設計在台北春季藍天下繽紛綻放。更令人興奮的是,我們可以看到劉美惠的獨立品牌Victim Fashion Street,十二年來的經典代表作,在走遍國際後,首次於台北的伸展台上呈現維多莉亞精緻紡織,手工獨一無二設計,與這群英國現代時尚新銳作品的精彩結合。此外,劉美惠同時將在伸展台與展場上發表她的新概念 Ready-To Wear 成衣系列。

經過歐洲四年時尚藝術研習,1998年劉美惠自創品牌”Victim Fashion Street”,其手工獨立風格,為她成功的打入倫敦時尚週。以道德時尚品牌為概念,以解構重組的方式將歐洲各地蒐集的古董蕾絲針織布料,或飾品以及罕見的再生紡織品與現代的元素做組合,純手工的細心縫紉,成功打造出二手衣改裝或是拼布製作衣服。

美惠的事業從Portobello Market和Spitalfields Market開創, 而後在知名的倫敦市區Brick Lane (東倫敦) 和Carnaby Street (西倫敦) 開始經營品牌事業,同時拓展ready to wear成衣概念。她的作品在巴黎時尚週更被時尚大師們列為有增值價值的收藏品,並深獲全球知名高端概念的關注,也因此在東京,柏林,紐約和香港等城市為她的品牌建立起一個全球性的銷售網路。

在國際藝術領域,劉美惠曾在Istituto Marangoni的倫敦分校教授, 並受邀與知名品牌Topshop合作。無論是展覽會或時裝秀,她曾被英國當代藝術學院Institute of Contemporary Art,泰特美術館,以及巴比肯美術館(Barbican Art Gallery)等藝術機構邀請她做作品展覽。她的作品也在俄羅斯,日本,瑞典,瑞士,泰國,西班牙,中國與台灣等不同地區展出。

作為時尚先鋒,美惠在台灣和中國兩地創立了限時展售店(Pop-up shop),除了她的作品,也集合銷售國際新銳設計師作品。她將 East to East 概念從歐洲帶回亞洲,並且引進台北與上海。美惠首度與上海新天地攜手合辦 “East to East” 當代時尚藝術展以及限時展售店。Taipei 101 十周年慶的最大盛會,東倫敦藝術時尚新主張,特別將東倫敦的生活與時尚創新,跨越歐亞大陸進駐台北。結合時尚藝術與音樂以及英國經典, 是劉美惠的時尚藝術的創意能量與靈感。
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