Bravo Handbags
Bravo Handbags
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All Bravo Handbags Enamel Coated. Calfskin Leathers are dyed with color,then embossed with a print, then sprayed with Acrylic Enamel Paint as used on Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche and Ferrari.All products are Handmade in USA using Italian Leathers and using only high quality components.
This Acrylic Enamel Paint will ensure all bags and wallets will look like new for a lifetime of use from the day purchased. The leathers will never crack,scratch,mark or discolor under normal use.All Enameled items can be cleaned using a baby wipe, Windex or Pledge Furniture products.
All Enameled Leather Bravo Beverly Hills Collection bags and wallets are also 99% RFID Proof,protecting your vital information from Identity theft as Acrylic Enamel Paint deflects RFID Waves.Bravo Has Many Innovative Designs not copied by others.
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