About TIS


Taipei, as a modern city like Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong, gradually and ambitiously shows its influence in the Asian fashion industry. From trendy to high street fashion, more and more brands and designers love to come to Taipei to share their fashion senses.


Taiwan is well- known for its high achievement in synthetical /functional textiles technology. Nowadays, fashion-related businesses and design institutions are prosperously developing in Taipei, drawing many up-and-coming designers’ attentions and interests to this market. These talents are ready to infuse fresh creativities into their works and show to the world.


As a capital city of Taiwan, Taipei has a developed and capacious fashion market. Niche brands can take advantage of this characteristic of Taipei as a hub if they are managing to enter the Asian market, especially China.

TIS offers exhibitors the benefits of:

  • Dialogues with representatives from international fashion brands including domestic and international department stores, distributors and licensing agents
  • Opportunities to attend private business meetings with international brands
  • Promoting branded products directly to buyers via exclusive channel
  • Media coverage on Internet websites, newsprint, and mass media with in-depth reports on brands and collections
  • Access to the most up-to-date fashion and market trends
  • New product public launching and media exposure opportunity
  • Promotion and special report on the Taipei IN Style official website and Facebook.

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